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Velvety Tomato soup with Ham and Cheese Grilled Sandwich

It’s getting cool outside and its time to warm up with a velvety smooth tomato soup with ham and cheese grilled sandwich. The combo of American and cheddar cheese really make the sandwich pop. The soup and sandwich are easy to make, it just takes a little time to develop all the flavors. As with all soups, the next day it is so much better. Makes 10-12 servings

For the soup:

8 cloves garlic

8 fresh basil leaves

1 ½ pounds roma tomatoes quartered

1 large yellow onion chopped

1 bell pepper chopped

4 sprigs fresh thyme

1 tsp Dat’l Hook Ya blackened seasoning

¼ cup Dat’l Hook Ya sauce

(2) 28oz cans of San Marzano whole tomatoes

1 ½ cup heavy cream

3 tsp Better Than Bullion Sofrito flavor into 2 cups of water

6oz package Boursin garlic and herb cheese

3 tbsp butter

1 tsp black pepper

6oz can tomato paste

For the Sandwich:

Sour dough bread

American cheese

Sharp cheddar cheese

Thin sliced ham

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Drain the juice from the San Marzano tomatoes into a large pot you will use to make the soup. Place the whole San Marzano tomatoes into a large baking pan that’s at least 2.5 inches deep. Into the same baking pan add the roma tomatoes, onion, garlic, bell pepper, thyme and roast for 1 hour at 425 degrees. Once complete place into the large pot with the saved juice, add in the rest of the ingredients except for the heavy cream. Use an immersion blender until it’s a smooth velvety consistency and cook covered on low heat for 15 min. Add in the heavy cream and use the immersion blender. Cover and keep on the lowest heat and time to make the sandwiches.

Bring a pan to medium low heat. While the pan is heating, slice fresh sourdough bread about ½ inch thick and place one slice of American cheese down. On top of this place some thin sliced ham and then on top of that place a slice of cheddar. Melt butter in the pan and place in the sandwich. Frequently press down with a spatula and flip when the bottom is golden brown. Cook the other side the same.

Pour some soup into a bowl and dip your sandwich into a heavenly delicious soup!