Hard-Working Products For Your Outdoor Lifestyle

We have the outdoor life in mind to make sure that your excitement is brought to another level. Our bait brine helps you get your catch, the sunscreen protects you while you’re having fun in the sun, our heavy-duty hand soap cleans you up after our Sauces & Seasonings bring out the culinary genius in you with irresistible flavors added to your dishes

Built By Outdoorsmen for Outdoorsmen

Saint Augustine is known to produce some tremendous catches and is the inspiration behind our brand. Fishing 50+ miles offshore takes a lot of work and dedication, but we have the time of our lives. That’s the drive behind Hook Ya – products that work hard so we can play hard and make every day on the water a great one. We want to make sure your times outdoors is complimented to make the day even more enjoyable. Get Hooked!

Datil Pepper Sauces & Seasonings to Elevate Your Catch

The Datil pepper is unique to Saint Augustine,FL. Most people do not know this is where the pepper originated and where they are essentially only grown world wide. Dat’l Hook Ya uses the unique taste of the Datil with a blend of peppers and spices to bring a level of heat that is just right to compliment your foods. Not to mild, not to hot, the perfect Datil pepper sauce!

Datil Pepper Sauce & Seasoning Recipes

No Added Sugar
Zero Calories
Gluten Free
No Preservatives
We use only the best quality ingredients

The Hook Ya Boat

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