How it all began

There is a hidden secret in Florida, not all the best offshore fishing is in south Florida. Saint Augustine is known to produce some tremendous catches! In order to venture 50+ miles on a regular basis in very tough conditions, you need  a vessel that is capable of handling almost anything nature can throw at it. With this battle wagon we can fill the boxes, put together some tasty fish fry’s, and have the time of our lives. Although there was always one thing missing at our cook outs: a good sauce made from the Datil pepper that went well with seafood. After many variety’s made with ingredients from our garden, Dat’l Hook Ya was born.

Part of being an outdoorsman is not just about the hunt, the excitement of the catch,  the love of playing in mother natures play ground, but also enjoying the company of those around you. Our products aim to bring family and friends together to have an exceptional time enjoying what is most precious, love and laughter!

The brand is rapidly growing with new product additions to compliment the outdoorsman’s life. We are true anglers that venture out when others are running back in. We want to make products that are as tough as mother nature. Our goal is to produce premium products that you will truly enjoy. Our sunscreen and soap were built from the ground up with extensive research, trial and error. If you see us at the sandbar, asks us for some samples!

Dat’l Hook Ya Cape Horn 32xs

Quality products made by outdoorsmen to elevate your outdoor experience.

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