Datil pepper low country boil

Low Country Boil for Two

You love low country boils, but most recipes are for a large gathering. Follow the instructions and you will have perfectly cooked seafood and vegetables! Nothing over or under done.

6 Baby Dutch yellow potatoes
8 Pearl onions
2 Links sausage
2 Celery stalks
¼ Pound shrimp
¼ Pound scallop
10 little neck clams
2 Clusters of snow crab

1 Corn on the cob cut in half
4 Tbsp Dat’l Hook Ya Mild or medium Blackened seasoning
3 Qts water

You will need two large pots. One to cook the meal and the other with a lid to place the cooked items into to toss. Add to large pot 3 qts of water and 2 Tbsp of Dat’l Hook Ya blackened seasoning. Bring to a boil. Follow the below cook time:

a. Start a timer and add potatoes
b. At the 8 min cooking mark add onion
c. At the 10 min cooking mark add sausage that was cut into 2 inch pieces and the corn
d. At the 14 min cooking mark add celery cut into 3 inch pieces
e. Once you hit 22 min cooking mark, scoop out all ingredients and place into the other large pot and cover
f. The boiling water should have nothing in it at this point. Add shrimp, scallop, and crabs and cook 3 min. Remove them and place into the other pot.
g. Add the clams. They cook very fast! Check them every 30 seconds and pull out once they are open. Over cooking them will cause them to fall out of the shell and get rubbery.
h. Add clams to the other large covered pot and add sprinkle 2 tbsp of Dat’l Hook Ya Mild or medium blackened seasoning onto the ingredients. Toss a few times to cover everything uniformly.

Tip: If you are cooking a large party Volume, make sure the large pot is a good rolling boil. Don’t start early! Place ingredients into a cooler to keep food warm and to make easier to toss.

Enjoy this very easy to make low country boil for two ( or more 😁 )