Fast low-carb datil pepper fajitas

Low Carb High Fiber Fajitas Ultra Fast

Did you read that right? Low carb, tasty and fast? Yup! You had a hard day at work and you need a healthy fast meal that is satisfying. Faster than making a frozen pizza and 11g of fiber per serving, wow!

Buy a Publix rotisserie chicken, a few bell peppers of different colors, onion, Ole extreme wellness tortilla wraps and Dat’l Hook Ya.

1) Cut peppers and onion to desired size and set aside

2) Pull apart desired amount of rotisserie chicken in larger pieces, don’t shred. Add Dat’l Hook Ya to the chicken and coat liberaly. Set aside

3) Heat a large pan to moderate high heat. When hot, add 1 tbsp olive oil to pan and cook vegetables to desired tenderness. Push to one side and add another 1 tbsp of oilve oil to empty area and add chicken. Heat until hot then mix in vegetables.

4) Place onto Ole extreme wellness tortilla and your favorite low carb toppings

With Dat’l Hook Ya on sale Publix, this is the perfect time to stock up

That’s it! We can cook it in under 10 min and have a truly satisfying dinner that is low carb and healthy.