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Dat'l Hook ya low-carb datil pepper bolognese

Dat’l Hook Ya Low Carb Bolognese

Can you replace traditional pasta and still enjoy dinner? Absolutely! With our recipe you can reduce your carb intake and still enjoy all the flavors. Our Dat’l Hook Ya Bolognese is cooked in an Instant Pot and we use OXO good grips hand held spiralizer to make the zucchini pasta. Get ready to enjoy a reduced carb dinner and help with weight loss while enjoying amazing flavors.

1/2 Cup Dat’l Hook Ya

2 Tsp Dat’l Hook Ya mild blackened seasoning

3 Cloves fresh minced garlic

1 Whole yellow onion

1/4 Cup heavy cream

1/2 Cup diced carrots

1/2 Cup diced celery

1/2 Cup diced baby bella mushrooms

26oz Pomi boxed finely chopped tomatoes

1/4 Cup beef broth

4oz Diced pancetta

1 Pound ground chuck

1/2 Pound ground lean pork

3 Whole zucchini

Add 2 tsp Dat’l Hook Ya mild blackened seasoning to ground chuck and pork. Brown in a skillet and drain drippings. While you are browning the meat, in the Instant Pot sauté pancetta to render the fat approximately 6 min. Add onion, carrots, baby bellas, and celery to the pancetta and sauté until onion is clear. Add Pomi tomatoes, Dat’l Hook Ya sauce, garlic, beef broth, and ground meat. Seal instant pot and cook on high pressure for 1.5 hours. Let the pot depressurize naturally. Open pot and it should have a sloppy joe like consistency. If too watery, sauté for a few minutes until sauce is thick. Add heavy cream. Use the OXO spiralizer to make enough zucchini pasta for your dinner. Make sure to pat dry the pasta with paper towel so it does not water down the dish. Do not cook the zucchini. Place Bolognese on top of pasta and enjoy.

Get ready to be blown away with how good a reduced carb zucchini pasta dinner can be!