Hook Ya fish sticks with datil pepper pink sauce

Dat’l Hook Ya Fish Sticks With Pink Sauce

Another easy dish that will keep everyone happy.

1/4 cup Dat’l Hook Ya

1/4 cup Mayo

Fish of your choice

Dat’l Hook ya Blackened seasoning



Canola oil for frying

This recipe doesn’t have exact numbers as its more of an eyeball. 1 egg will coat about 1 pound of fish. Beat an egg until evenly mixed. You will need four plates: 1) Plate to hold seasoned fish 2) Beaten egg 3) Panko 4) completed fish. Place fish on plate 1 and season until moderate coating on both sides of fish. Let sit 10 min in a refrigerator. After 10 min marinade, dip fish into plate 2. Place the fish onto plate 3 and coat evenly with panko. Transfer coated fish to plate 4. Heat oil to 375 in a pot. The oil should be at least 1.5inches deep. Fry until light golden brown. Remove from oil. Mix the mayo and Dat’l Hook Ya and enjoy your fish sticks!