Dat'l Hook Ya Tuna Poke Bowl

Dat’l Hook Ya Tuna Poke Bowl

We love to fish! We love fishing for tuna even more!!! Why is that, because we have a lot of people to feed with our Poke bowls. This is our way of making it, but feel free to modify to your liking. You will not see exact volume here, we season to taste as the volume varies for every dinner.

Sushi rice seasoned with rice vinegar

Tuna diced into cubes and seasoned with Dat’l Hook Ya sauce, soy sauce, and sesame oil


Carrots shredded

Red onion diced

Avocado Diced

Mango Diced

Sesame Seeds

Seaweed Salad

Green Onion thinly sliced

Cucumbers shredded marinated in rice vinegar for 1 hour

Wasabi powder mixed with mayo and Hook Ya Sauce into a plastic bag

Wonton wrapper (omit for gluten free)

Heat peanut oil in a pan to 330 degrees. Cut wonton wrappers diagonal. Add wrappers to hot oil and fry quickly about 15-20 seconds each side. We fry 4 pieces at a time only as it moves fast. Set aside to garnish the plate later. Add all the ingredients above except mayo sauce into a bowl in individual sections. Drizzle with the mayo sauce in the plastic bag. Get ready for a dynamite flavor explosion! (for gluten free pick gluten free soy sauce at the store)