Datil pepper crispy chicken wings

Dat’l Hook Ya Crispy Wings

Man oh man, do we love wings! Here is an easy way to get them just right. This is more of a crispy wing

4-5 pounds of wings

1 bottle of Hook Ya or Hook Ya too

Into 1 gallon ziploc bag add 2 pounds of wings. Add half a bottle of Hook Ya sauce. Toss wings in the sauce. Squeeze out all of the air. Marinade a minimum of 24 hours in a refrigerator.

Heat grill to 300-325 degrees. Cook wings on indirect heat for 90 minutes. Flip every 20-30 min to keep from overcooking each side. Once you see the color you like, you’re done! Slow and low is the best way to get juicy tasty wings. High heat will char the sauce.