Dat'l Hook Ya Blackened Burger

Dat’l Hook Ya Blackened Burger

This is so simple and so amazingly good! It maybe the only way you make your fresh burger patties

1 Pound ground beef (can use bison, chicken, turkey, or meat alternatives)
1.5tsp Dat’l Hook Ya Blackened Seasoning
A few ice cubes

Mix 1 pound ground meat with 1.5 tsp of Dat’l Hook Ya Blackened seasoning. Mix well for a few minutes. Put back in fridge in a covered bowl for 2 hours. Remove from fridge and make patties to your size liking. Before putting on the grill, place 1 ice cube on the top center of each patty and slight press in. Flip only once, usually 8 min per side at 400 degrees. Cook to your liking and only flip once and DONT PRESS AND SQUEZZE OUT THE JUICES!!!!

You are done! The ice cube trick is amazing for keeping your burgers SUPER moist.